Soundwave Wednesday | December 26, 2018

While I was in college, I was fortunate enough to be a member of the school’s radio station and host my own weekly program for four years. Even though I’ve graduated, there’s still a part of me that is a DJ at heart. I love arranging playlists for family gatherings and road trips, and my writing life is no different.

Because of this, it seemed only right to introduce a little something I’m calling Soundwave Wednesday on my blog. These weekly posts will feature some of my favorite music from the Regency Era where the majority of my stories are set, songs that would find themselves on a project’s soundtrack, tracks that give me the little jolt of motivation I need for another writing session, and more.

For last week’s Soundwave Wednesday post, I wrote about how I use music from centuries past as a way to step into my characters’ everyday lives. But one thing I find myself doing very often is picturing what my characters would be like if I had stuck with the contemporary setting my first project started out with before I switched to writing historical fiction.

Our tastes in music can be very indicative of who we are, and I find designing playlists to be one of the greatest tools at my disposal when planning out new story ideas, getting to know my characters, or setting the mood for the scene I’m working on.

This week, I’ve been editing a chapter centered around CR, so I thought it might be fun to dive into what could be found in his playlists if he lived in the twenty-first century rather than the nineteenth.

I think it fair to say that out of my characters in this particular project, CR’s taste in music would be the closest to my own. I can totally see him rocking out to groups like My Chemical Romance, Falling In Reverse, and All Time Low to name a few.

The scene I’ve been working on falls towards the end of the story’s second act. CR has a lot going on from trying to prevent a wedding between his love interest and another man to juggling some pretty big secrets he never wanted. Time is running out, as are his options, and he’s on his own in trying to fix things.

Because of its lyrics and sound, one of my go-to tracks for getting my head in the place it needs to be for me to work on this scene is Still Breathing by Mayday Parade.

The song speaks heavily towards trying to find a sense of perseverance when it feels like the odds are against you in tough times. One of my favorite lines comes from the chorus:

“But I’m doing all I can
I’m ready to give this all I have
I’m ready to be amazed
‘Cause I’m standing here alone
Trying to make this life my own
And nothing will keep this heart from beating
I’m still breathing”

This mirrors where CR is mentally at this point in time very well. Now, it’s just a matter of moving past it and putting a plan into action later on.


Come back next week for another Soundwave Wednesday where we’ll be kicking off 2019(!?) with another of my favorite tracks.

What would be some of your characters’ favorite songs? Are your tastes similar to theirs or completely different? Let me know in the comments below!



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