Soundwave Wednesday | February 13, 2019

While I was in college, I was fortunate enough to be a member of the school’s radio station and host my own weekly program for four years. Even though I’ve graduated, there’s still a part of me that is a DJ at heart. I love arranging playlists for family gatherings and road trips, and my writing life is no different.

Because of this, it seemed only right to introduce a little something I’m calling Soundwave Wednesday on my blog. These weekly posts will feature some of my favorite music from the Regency Era where the majority of my stories are set, songs that would find themselves on a project’s soundtrack, tracks that give me the little jolt of motivation I need for another writing session, and more.

Happy Valentines Day Eve!

Even though I write stories about love and romance, I’m not really all that into the holiday. I’m one of those people who thinks it’s more important to show your loved ones that you care about them every day, not just one in particular.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good love song.

But you know what I appreciate more than a song about being in love?

A song about not being in love.

There is so much pressure around this time of year to be in a relationship. When your Facebook feed is filled with happy couples and people you went to high school or college with getting engaged and married, while you yourself have actually never been in a relationship, it can kind of feel like you’re just standing on the sidelines waiting to join the game.

But the thing is, it’s perfectly okay to not be playing. I’ll admit it took me a little while to make the realization, but it’s an important one.

There are a lot of songs out there that celebrate being single, and one of my absolute favorites is Never Been In Love by Will Jay.

You might recognize Will from his IM5 days when the group was featured in Todrick Hall’s Disney Dudez videos. He’s released a number of solo tracks since his departure from the band, and believe me when I say they are fantastic (I highly recommend GentlemanBroke, and Version of Love, the third of which is another favorite for getting me in a writing frame of mind and will definitely be getting its own Soundwave Wednesday dedication in the future).

Never Been In Love is honestly the perspective I’ve been living with when it comes to romances in real life. It’s just so upbeat and carefree, kind of a I’ll-Get-There-When-I-Get-There vibe rather than being a woeful lament about being single. At the same time, it doesn’t bash people who are in happy relationships, which I also genuinely appreciate.

I’m not opposed to being in love or finding myself in a serious romance, it just hasn’t happened yet. While I’m not opposed to a change in my love life, I’m perfectly all right with the way it is at the moment.

Like Will says:

“I’m not missing someone that I’ve never met
Maybe a little scared, still I don’t care
I’m not missing out so don’t ask me again
Thanks for your concern, but here’s the thing
Never been in love
And it’s all good
Not the only one
Feeling like they should
Maybe one day, some day
But no, I ain’t in a rush
I say whatever, don’t care that I’ve never
No, never been in love
I say whatever, don’t care that I’ve never
No, never been in love”
For now, I’m not going to worry about any romances other than those I’m creating on the page. I think it’s fair to say one of the things I’m learning about writing romantic storylines is what I want to find in a real-world relationship. I may not have found that individual yet, but I’m inclined to believe I just might one day. But if that day is a long time down the road, I might as well enjoy the journey getting there.
You can give Never Been In Love a listen via Spotify here!


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