Soundwave Wednesday | March 13, 2019

This week, I’m editing a pivotal chapter of GtK, where two of my protagonists are made to address their relationship. This is the chapter that kicks the final act of the novel into gear, though I won’t say how in an effort to avoid potential spoilers.

The challenge with writing this scene is trying to bring back the easiness between these characters’ relationship for a few moments before reminding both them and the reader of the complications that have since made things harder. This want to evoke a sense of reminiscence has had me listening to some of the songs that always make me think of this relationship’s earlier days, back when they had just met.

One of the most appropriate is Steal Your Heart, performed by Ross Lynch.

It’s a very fitting track for these two characters. She is very conscious of the rules while he’s more interested in breaking them. He’s able to make her ease up a little bit, while she’s the reason he’s making an attempt at reining himself in now and then (pun intended, as he works in the manor house’s stables).

“I confess,
I kinda like it that you’re innocent
Keeping up your guard
I’ll break it down
So you can’t hide it
No matter what you do
I’m gonna steal your heart”


I love the cutesy style of flirtation in these lyrics, and it always makes me think of my characters’ relationship. In its beginning, there’s a sweetness to them and a playfulness on his part when they’re alone, though she is still cautious about advancing things out of her fear of losing her position as a maid.

Naturally, complications arise. Things start to fall apart and divisions are made, whether or not they’re wished for, bringing us to the chapter I’m in the process of editing and my characters being made to confront their feelings for one another and the complications that have distanced them. It’s these feelings of unease and melancholy I intend to heighten by, even only for a moment, bringing them back to the start, when things between them felt more like Steal Your Heart, which you can listen to below!




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