Soundwave Wednesday | April 10, 2019

Just as I’ve taken up embroidery as a way to get closer to some of the characters in Guises to Keep and Against His Vows, one of my favorite things to do while working on a scene involving a musician is to have some instrumental pieces playing in the background performed on the instrument they play. This Soundwave Wednesday, I’m sharing a relatively short piece that has taken a small but significant place in my novel’s soundtrack.

In Guises to Keep, one of the protagonists is seen at the piano trying to restore one of his deceased mother’s compositions based on faded sheet music and what the character is able to recall hearing. In my mind, I imagine the piece to have an elegant feeling to it, with the notes intricately woven together.

Victor’s Piano Solo, composed by Danny Elfman for the Corpse Bride score, is one that often makes me think of that scene. I love the progression of the piece, starting off simply before becoming more complex before being abruptly cut off (which is actually like I imagine it being in that chapter since the character’s valet interrupts him).

You can listen to Victor’s Piano Solo below!


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