Soundwave Wednesday | May 1, 2019

Sometimes, it can be hard for me to settle into a writing session. But even more difficult than settling into a writing session is settling in for an editing session.

Since my editing process is broken down into multiple phases, I end up staring at the same section of my project for a really long time. It gets tedious after a while, even though I know there’s a lot of work to do and it needs to get done in order to make my stories the best I can make them.

When I hit that point where I feel myself slowing down, I like to listen to music with an edge, especially power anthems.

One of my favorites for editing sessions is The Pheonix by Fall Out Boy.

This track always gets me pumped up for whatever I’m working on, be it writing or editing, or anything else I’m doing. The lyrics are especially motivating for my editing sessions since the song speaks to breaking things down and changing things “like a remix” and making them better so they come out better “like a phoenix.”

One of the phases in my editing process is breaking down the entire chapter and retyping the whole thing so I can work on problem areas in each paragraph and move things around as I need to. Even though there is always a lot to do in that phase, it’s worth it.

You can listen to The Pheonix by Fall Out Boy via Spotify below.


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