About Me


It might come as a bit of a surprise, especially to most of the people who have ever met me, but historical fiction wasn’t my initial writing endeavor. I knew I wanted to write romance somewhere around the eighth or ninth grade, but my first attempt at a novel was originally something more contemporary, probably going to be set in upstate New York at a law firm or something of that nature. But as the story was evolving and the plot points were coming together, it was also falling apart. The deeper I got, the more flaws I saw. So much wasn’t working. I just couldn’t figure it out. It was as though I had the pieces but no clue how to put them together because I didn’t know what the puzzle was supposed to look like.

I thought it may not be the right time for me to become a writer.

Until I realized it was because I wasn’t writing in the right time.

Fast-forward a couple of years. I had been poking around and trying to figure out where I was going to settle down in time. Not only did I have a whole world to consider for location, but centuries’ worth of eras.

Around the time I was exploring my options, my A.P. English class began our unit of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. As we progressed through the novel, I noticed some similarities between its world and the one I was wanting to create in my own. After some more in-depth research and a few weeks of viewing the BBC mini-series adaption in class, things started to become a little more clear and I realized the story I was writing was meant to be set in England’s Regency Era.

The receptionist became a maid, the valet in the parking garage was moved to the stables, the up-and-coming CEO became heir apparent to an earldom rather than a law firm, so on and so forth.

I finally completed the first draft of that novel during my freshman year of college, and it still remains my main work in progress. Since then, I have written several other first drafts and have a long list of others to come.

Overall, my writing journey hasn’t been a straight path, but it’s the one I’m on and one I hope you will follow me down with this blog. This will be not only where I document the process as I’m working through it, but where I will be posting most of my updates once things start to happen on the publication side of things. I can honestly say it is not and has not been easy, and things may not always go as planned, but I can tell you I cannot wait to get started with this new platform and next step.

Thank you so much for stopping by!